Temporary Exhibit Programs

What Lies Beneath Canadian Shipwrecks of Lake Superior

Sept. 4, – Nov. 8, 2013whaleback005_website
Grade 3 to 12
Social Studies, History, Geography, Science and Technology, Language

Lake Superior is North
America’s inland ocean. It is also one of the world’s most dangerous lakes for navigation. At last count, 445 ships of all sizes and configurations have wrecked on Lake Superior. This program explores the largely undocumented stories of many of the ships that wrecked in Canadian waters and the American island of Isle Royale, just a short distance from Thunder Bay – passenger liners, war ships, freighters, ghost ships, yachts, fishing boats and tugs. Dive into this program – it will leave you intrigued!

A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS (1837-1901)victorian_christmas

Nov. 26, 2013 – Jun. 10, 2014
Preschool to Grade 6 Social Studies, Languages, The Arts

Enter into the world of a Victorian Christmas. Sights, sounds and scents of Christmas in the 1800s will greet you and your students and warm your hearts. Learn the origin of popular yuletide traditions, make a Victorian craft, learn a circle dance, and sample some “Wassail”. This is an experience that students and teachers will not soon forget


Nov. 26, 2013 – Jan. 10, 2014
Preschool to Grade 12
Social Studies, History, Geography, Language, The Arts
Perfect for Grade 2 Social Studies

Feliz Navidad! Kala Christouyenna! Hauska Jolua! Merry Christmas! Embrace the season and discover winter and Christmas traditions from various countries all over the world in this fun hands-on program. Students will love exploring our gallery full of multi-cultural holiday artifacts, too.

MY NAME IS NANUQ: The Diary of a Polar Bearnanuq

 Jan. 21 – Mar. 21, 2014 JK to Grade 6 Science and Technology, Language , The Arts Great for Grade 1 & 2 Science and Technology–Understanding Life Systems!

Delight in this fun and informative program…all about roly-poly polar bears! Learn interesting polar bear facts, see playful images and video, and view the heart-warming antics of polar bear cubs. Touch and feel real polar bear fur, teeth and claws, and determine what we can all do as individuals to help make the future a positive one for the world’s polar bear population


Mar. 17 – June 6, 2014
Preschool to Grade 3
Science and Technology, The Arts

Wonderful for the Kindergarten Curriculum

Albert, our resident dinosaur, is clawing his way back for our most popular program! Discover the differences between meat- and plant-eating dinosaurs and compare our dino skeleton to the one you know best…yours! Then become part of a team of palaeontologists, searching for bones and reconstructing a dinosaur. It’s a tyrannousaur-ific good time!

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