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By June 26, 2012 October 31st, 2019 Tinware

These examples of tinware were produced at Old Fort William Historic Park in an early 19th-century style and using techniques dating from 1815. They are authentic replicas of the sort of tinware produced and used at Fort William during its 19th-century heyday. Each is made of tin plate – a sheet of iron encased in a thin layer of tin.

The coffee pot stands 11.5 inches high while the storm lantern (a 17th-century German pattern commonly used in North America in the 18th and 19th centuries) is 19 inches high. Each sells for $89.95. Also available, but not shown here, are 9-inch watering pots for $59.95 and 4-inch tinder boxes and candlesticks for $13.95.

  • Coffee Pot $89.95 [wp_cart:Coffee Pot:price:89.95:end]
  • Storm Lantern $89.95 [wp_cart:Storm Lantern:price:89.95:end]
  • Watering Pot $59.95 [wp_cart:Watering Pot:price:59.95:end]
  • Tinder Box $13.95 [wp_cart:Tinder Box:price:13.95:end]