Aviation in Thunder Bay

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Width: 10.75in
Height: 8.5in
How many ?

by Jim Lyzun
For down-to-earth, consitent contributions to Canada's aviation heritage, few cities can match Thunder Bay. Yet very little of that history is known. This book will change all that by showing how much we owe to the city's aviation pioneers, pilots, mechanics, engineers, politicians and businessmen who contributed so significantly to the development of aviation in Canada.

Throughout his life Jim Lyzun had a passion for airplanes. He worked as an aeronautical engineer for DeHaviland Aircraft in Toronto before becoming a teacher in Thunder Bay.  Though aviation was only a hobby thereafter, Jim devoted years researching and writing  about Thunder Bay's place in aviation history. He completed this manuscript in the late 1990s but died before it could be published. Updated and organized by Dr. David Kemp of Lakehead University, the book is now available for the first time.

10.75" x 8.5", 88 p. and 201 b&w and colour images
ISBN 0-920-119-52-2