Just a few examples of the wonderful bird carvings of Lauri Lahtinen of Thunder Bay. Mr. Lahtinen was born in Wiipula, Finland in 1906 and came to Canada in 1927. He arrived in Thunder Bay in 1966.

A taxidermist in his youth, he began carving birds only after arriving in Thunder Bay and mostly from pictures in books. Many of his carvings are of birds native to Finland, but birds from the region of Northwestern Ontario are also included.

The Thunder Bay Museum collects many varieties of artwork. Paintings such as those of 19th-century painter William Armstrong, and the works of former prisoner of war Hans Krakhofer form part of a modest art collection. Many items of aboriginal artwork, in particular Ojibway and Cree beadwork, are also included.

The Museum collects works made by artists from Northwestern Ontario or works that have some strong connection to the region.