Camp in a Bag!

We present to you Camp in a Bag for ages 6-12! With the uncertainty of day camps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering alternative activities that can be purchased at the Museum.  Each bag has a different theme with corresponding crafts, activities, and a surprise item.  See below for more information on each individual bag. Bags are limited in supply so pick yours up today!

For more information on the bags or if you would like to purchase one, contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator or our Receptionist at 807-623-0801.  Curbside pickup available.

NEW – Historical Endeavours – SOLD OUT

This bag is all about history! This kit not only touches upon some local history in the area, but it also highlights artifacts we have in our collection, and include a variety of related crafts.  Grow your own geodes while learning about Silver Islet, create some toys and see what children long ago played with, and relax with some art therapy.  This bag includes:

  • 5 crafts (geode, kite, spinning top, wooden door hanger, and artwork using tissue paper)
  • Historical information
  • Photographs of artifacts found in the Museum’s collection
  • Details and instructions

Most materials will be included in the kit, however additional items are required.

This bag will be available for purchase starting April 1st and can be picked up through curbside pickup Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:00 starting April 7th.

Canada Eh? Thunder Bay – $15.00 – SOLD OUT

This bag is all about Thunder Bay, Canada! In this bag, you will get a chance to create an art piece of Thunder Bay’s major attraction, The Sleeping Giant. You will also get a chance create a mosaic maple leaf! Then, if you like adventure, this bag includes a scavenger hunt of Thunder Bay so that you can explore historical sites with your family. This bag includes:

  • Tissue Paper Maple Leaf (Template, tissue paper)
  • Mosaic Sleeping Giant (Mosaic squares, mod podge, brush, mosaic squares)
  • Word Puzzles
  • Thunder Bay Scavenger Hunt
  • Sleeping Giant or Pagoda magnet

Razzle Dazzle – $20.00 – SOLD OUT

Calling all fairy princesses! Transform yourself into a fairy with homemade lip gloss, nail polish, and the most important piece for a fairy, a pretty crown! Then, you can decorate a magical fairy house with paint, rocks, and some moss. This bag includes:

  • DIY lip gloss (Vaseline, coconut oil, drink powder)
  • Fairy Crown (Wire garland, ribbon, flowers)
  • Fairy House (Wooden house, rocks, paint, brushes, moss)
  • Nail polish

Kids Just Want to Have Fun – $25.00 – SOLD OUT

Dive into fun with this bag, you won’t regret it! Design a beach ball and create a unique new pencil case for back to school. Then, you can use your new bubbles while playing Would You Rather, doing a word search, or making a cootie catcher! This bag includes:

  • Beach ball (Ball, markers)
  • Pencil Case (Case, fabric markers)
  • Bubbles
  • All About Thunder Bay word search
  • Would you rather game
  • M.A.S.H game
  • Cootie Catcher (Paper)

Stories Alive – SOLD OUT

Do you like to read? Do you enjoy being creative? This bag is perfect for you! Create story stones and a pouch to put them in, make your own story and finish off by reading a book! This bag includes:

  • The book “Escape to White Otter Castle” by Elizabeth Kouhi. The setting takes place only a few hours from Thunder Bay in Kenora, Ontario.
  • Story Stones (Rocks, paint, brush)
  • Story Pouch (Felt, plastic needle, string/yarn, beads)
  • Foldable blank book for you to create your own story. (Paper bag book, pre-cut paper squares)