From Thunder Bay through Ypres with the Fighting 52nd

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Width: 5.5in
Height: 7.75in
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by William C. Millar
This book is a highly personal account of Millar's amazing six months in combat with the 52nd (New Ontario) Battalion in 1916. His is a first-hand telling of the months of stalemate following the 2nd Battle of Ypres, a period when Canadian forces, under persistent attack,
gained valuable tactical and command experience.

William Chisholm Millar emigrated from Scotland to Fort William, Ontario, early in the 20th century. He joined the 52nd Battalion in late 1915 and landed in France in February of the following year. He worked as a scout, mostly in the Ypres sector, until August 1916 when he was invalided to England. He wrote this book in 1918.

5.5" x 7.75", 176 p., illustrated
ISBN 0-978-0-920119-60-0