This ampoule case is from around 1942 and it contains a wide assortment of medicines.  Medicines are pituitrin, ergonmetrino, dehydroergolamine, adrenalin chloride, synkavit “roche’, aadrenalin in oil, 1 c,c, size, syntorenon, benzedrine sulfate, sterile solution with epinenhring, stockman chemists tor. lakeside laboratories, milwaukee, wis. la roche ltd, parke davis, s.k.f. lab, philo.

Ampoule’s are small vials that contain a sample of either liquid or gas.  Most are for pharmaceuticals and chemicals that need to be protected from the air.  The vial is made of glass and is sealed with an open flame.  Historically, these were used to contain a sample of a person’s blood after they have died and put beside them in Christian catacombs.