This hood was created in the last quarter of the 19th century by one of the Bouchard women of the Pastagani band and was worn by the chief’s wife or daughter on important occasions.  It was further embellished at least twice as evidenced by the newer clear beads.  in 1917-1918, influenza ravaged the Bouchard family then living at the mouth of the Pastagani river at Orient Bay on Lake Nipigon.  Olive Cummins, wife of Tom Cummins who was chief ranger for the lands and forests, was not sick herself and nursed the Ojibwa people throughout the winter.  in gratitude, chief Joe Bouchard brought her the hood saying, “Mrs. Cummins, the old ways are going.  My children will not understand why this is so special, but you know.  I trust you to keep it safe.”

On May 25, 2007, this hood was exhibited on the antiques roadshow and appraised by Michael Rowan, an antique dealer specializing in Canadiana.  He said the hood is the only Ojibwa example and the most beautiful he has ever seen, even noting the beads missing from the back seam and fringe and the three small holes, he found it in pristine condition.