Kellough Brothers Dairy was operated by two brothers, William and
George. Prior to 1920, it had operated as Crescent Dairy which was run by another brother,
James, and Fred Scollie. The dairy operations went through numerous expansions and
acquisitions. By 1935, the slogan “A Yellow Wagon on Every Street” was being used, in
reference to their fleet of yellow delivery wagons that operation in both Port Arthur and Fort
William. The death of brother William in June 1941 came as a blow, however George continued
to operate the business under sole proprietorship. In1950, Kellough Brothers Dairy became
Kellough Brothers Dairy Limited when George entered into a partnership with Ray Gleeson and
Frank Wilson, both sons in law. The company continued to operate until 1985 when it was
purchased by Beatrice Foods. The glass milk bottles used by the operation are now highly