S.S Algoma chair

Varnished hardwood chair probably maple originally cane bottomed – needle point not original.  Information carved at top of chair “from the wreck Algoma, Nov. 7, 1885.” Not original.

The S.S Algoma was a steamer ship built in 1883 in Scotland by Aitken & Mansell.   This ship was used by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company along with the Athabasca and Alberta.  The S.S Algoma broke in two early November and many of the passengers and crew were either swept away (three made it to shore) or remained on the bow section.  The survivors were rescued November 9 by the Athabasca and taken to Thunder Bay.  In 1886, some of the ship was salvaged and the engine was then used in a steamer called the Manitoba.  The wreck today is scattered and parts of it remains visible.