Wheeler and Wilson MFG. CO. Bridgeport Conn. USA, sewing machine. First patented in 1872. Last patent 1878. Foot operated through pulleys and belt. Wooden baseboard with storage compartment.

Some of the first sewing machines and needles go out to several people Charles Weisenthal, Thomas Saint, and John Adams Doge to name a few.  The first sewing machine that worked was invented by Barthelemy Thimonnier in 1830.  The first American patent was given to Elias Howe whose machine used a needle that went through fabric and created loops.  Unfortunately, he had problems marketing his invention.  Isaac Singer built the first commercially successful sewing machine in the 1850’s.  His machine had the needle go up and down and had a foot peddle instead of a hand crank.  Over the years other forms of stitching were patented such as the chain-stitch and the zig-zag.  In 1905 the first electrical power sewing machine was in use.