With the effects of the pandemic, and class visits and special guests up in the air, the Thunder Bay Museum is offering programming that can be individually purchased to use in your classroom.  Teachers, these programs consist of lessons and activities to enhance and engage students of various grade levels.  Currently they can be purchased by emailing Marissa our Education and Outreach Coordinator, but soon they will be able to be purchased right through our website. Please note that once you purchase these programs, you have the license to use them but cannot share them with other teachers.  Please do not upload any part of the programs on personal/school websites unless they must be accessed by students using a password.

Read All About It – $25

This program is designed for grades 7-10 and consists of:

  • Historical newspapers
  • Power Point with a brief history of newspapers from Thunder Bay
  • Follow-up activities

Then & Now Historical Inquiry – $35

This program is designed for grade 10 history, but can be used in other grades to discuss local history (people, buildings, and events).

  • Three activities to help better understand local history, historical inquiry, and research
    • Exploration of historical buildings and photographs
    • A look at historical people and their influence
    • A historical timeline of events in the community

Moments in Time (Photography Inquiry) – $15

This program is designed for grade 10 but can also be used in grades 6 and up.  It consists of:

  • 13 historical photographs
  • Inquiry questions
  • Teacher information of the photographs

Early Settler Children – $25

This program is designed for grades 2-3 and consists of:

  • A jeopardy game with instructions
  • Worksheets on comparisons
  • Worksheets on artifacts (photos) found in the Museum
  • Thaumatrope instructions and template

Early Epidemics – $20

This program is designed for grades 5-8 and consists of:

  • A timeline of epidemics
  • Information about early diseases
  • Photographs from our collection
  • Follow-up activities

Immigration to the Lakehead

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Propaganda Posters

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Oral History

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What Would You Do?

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Social Media

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