Robert J. Manion

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Member of Parliament for Fort William, 1917-1935
by R.H. Piovesana

Robert J. Manion was a medical doctor in Fort William who accepted the Conservative nomination to the federal parliament in 1917. He was the first representative from the Fort William riding to be elected to the House of Commons and the first representative from Northwestern Ontario to hold a federal cabinet post. This publication focuses on Dr. Manion's successes, the issues he faced, the benefits he brought to Northwestern Ontario from his post as Minister of Railways and Canals, and his defeat in his own riding in 1935.

Roy Piovesana, a retired teacher of history, is a past president of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, and from 1977 to 1986 was editor of the Society's Papers & Records.

6" x 9", 72 p.
ISBN 0-920119-12-3