The Ships of the Paterson Fleet

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Width: 8.5in
Height: 11in
How many ?

by Gene Onchulenko and Skip Gillham

The Ships of the Paterson Fleet is another in the Great Lakes Marine History series published by Riverbank Traders of St. Catharines. The Paterson Fleet was owned by a family company situated in Thunder Bay and is truly the story of hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit. The book describes each of the company's vessels from 1915-1995 with excellent black and white pictures and useful appendixes.

Gene Onchulenko of Thunder Bay has worked most of his life in the grain transportation business and is a noted ship photographer. Skip Gillham has written numerous books about the shipping fleets on the great lakes.

8.5" x 11, 141 p.
ISBN 0-969-7606-4-7