Timber Wolves

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Width: 6in
Height: 9in
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Greed and Corruption in Northwestern Ontario's Timber Industry, 1875-1960
by J.P. Bertrand

The fascinating story of the pioneer loggers, pulpwood operators, timber speculators and mill promoters, many of whom the author knew first hand. Their devices to obtain exportable pulpwood, without having to pay Crown dues, their trespassing on Crown Reserves, and their intrigues behind the scenes to gain favour with political leaders come to life in the pages of this book. Timber Wolves is an indispensable and highly entertaining study of Northwestern Ontario's timber industry.

J.P. Bertrand came to Northwestern Ontario in 1900 and quickly built a successful career in the timber industry. This book was written in 1961, three years before his death, but has  never been published until now. Bertrand is also author of the best-selling history of the region, Highway of Destiny.

6" x 9", 188 p.
ISBN 0-920-119-26-3