Toys of Our Past

This quiz uses information that is found throughout the "Toys of Our Past" online exhibit. First go through the exhibit, learn about the various toys and games, then test your knowledge by doing this quiz!

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Hopscotch comes from two old French words, "hop" meaning to "jump" and "eschocher" meaning to what?

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Although the game is called Chinese Checkers, it was invented in what country?

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Celluloid is very flammable, true or false?

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The first Cookie Monster had what?

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Atari is named after a move in what game?

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What is Ken's real name?

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Barbie's real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, true or false?

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Kewpie dolls were originally made from what material?

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The mascot of the Canada Games Complex is what animal?

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"Sad" also meant what in the early 1800's?

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