In November 2020, the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) published a study on the value of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAMs). This page offers just a snapshot of the findings, with the full study available on the CMA website.

GLAM Infographic - Museums

Key Messages: Museums

  • Now, more than ever, is a critical time to ensure that museums have adequate funding to
    ensure their financial health.
  • A study commissioned by the Ottawa Declaration Working Group, co-led by Library and
    Archives Canada and the Canadian Museums Association, found that museums contribute
    millions to the Canadian economy as well as to societal well-being.
  • 96% of respondents surveyed for the study said that museums contribute to our overall
    quality of life in Canada.
  • Museums across Canada welcome an estimated 30 million annual visitors, that’s over five
    million more than the entire National Hockey League did during the 2018-19 season. (30
    million vs. 22 million)
  • Museums provide $2.9 billion/year in economic benefits.
  • Museums provide a value of $1.2 billion/year in educational benefits and $277-million/year
    in value of online visits.
  • For every dollar invested in museums, society gets nearly $4 in benefits.