Celluloid Dreams


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Celluloid Dreams 

In a frontier region of Canada better known for its role in the fur trade and lumber industry, and where its citizens clung to the las vestiges of the British Empire, a love-affair with cineme devloped. Celluloid Dreams explores how films made in or about the Thunder Bay, Ontario, region between 1892 and 1931 not only parallels the devlopment of film in Canada, but challanges the traditional interpretation of the early years of production in the country and reveals that, for many, film was th e natural medium to promote their communites. The films produced in Northwestern Ontario also serve as visual records of the regions social and cultural devlopment during the first decades of the twentieth century.

By: Michel S Beaulieu

Michel S. Beaulieu is a Canadian born writer and academic. He holds a PhD in History from Queen’s University and is currently the Associate Vice-Provost Academic (Special Projects) and an External Relations Association at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada. He is a Professor of History and a former Chair of the Department of History.

Publisher: Thunder Bay Museum Historical Society

Pages: 96

Binding: Softcover