The Museum’s virtual exhibits are available online 24 hours per day. These exhibits provide information on some of the most popular topics in local history.

Early Black Residents of Thunder Bay


Thunder Bay’s East End: An Illustrated History

Toys Of Our Past

Objects of Interest


Museum Alphabet


The Lake Superior Regiment, A History

LSR Photos

James Murphy 1863-1928

Graham and Horne

Hans Krakhofer 1918-1997

Krakhofer Artwork

William Armstrong, 1822-1914

Robert Joseph Flaherty 1884-1951

Flaherty Photography

A Race For Ties

Peter McKellar 1908 – 1929

Japanese Boy’s Doll Festival

A ‘Tail’ Of Two Cities

Visions Of Our Past Quiz

The End of an Era

360 VR Tour

Thunder Bay Past Places