Guide For Authors

The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society Press encourages the submission of proposals and manuscripts.

The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society Press publishes historical works on the region of Northwestern Ontario. Works of historical non-fiction, including prehistory, will be considered for publication. Our mission is to publish books of academic and regional merit that contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of Canadians within this unique part of the nation.

The Press publishes popular/academic works of history for general audiences.

Works Sought

The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Press is looking for original works that contribute to local or regional history. The work should use new source material or offer a new interpretation or evaluation of published material. Analytical works are especially welcome, whether they are biographies of individuals who have contributed to the development of their communities or social, economic, political and cultural forces that have shaped the region.

Proposal Guidelines

Authors should send:

  1. A letter to the Press outlining:
    1. reasons for writing the work;
    2. the audience for whom the book is intended
    3. physical description of the work, including the approximate number of words, illustrations, tables, maps, graphs, etc.
  2. Resume, including the titles and publisher of previous publications, should accompany the letter.
  3. A sample of the manuscript including the Table of Contents and the Introduction or the first chapter must also be included.

The Review Process

The Press’s Publications Committee, which operates at arms length from the Board of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society and contains members of the general public, will review the proposal and then contact the author with a statement of interest or rejection. A statement of interest is not an agreement to publish.

If the proposal generates interest, two copies of the manuscript will be requested. These will be read by the Publications Committee and may be sent to external readers with knowledge of the subject. A Manuscript Guide is available on request and is also on the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society website.

The readers’ reports and the manuscript will be presented to the committee. The committee may:

  • reject the manuscript (all materials will be returned to the author)
  • return the manuscript without acceptance and encourage the author to revise and resubmit.
  • accept the manuscript conditionally, in whole or in part, with the requirement that a number of revisions be made.
  • accept the manuscript with no further revisions required.

If approved, an agreement to publish will be offered and, once a contract is signed, the manuscript will be passed on to an editor.

The Press usually publishes manuscripts in the order in which they are approved. However, the Press will determine the schedule of reviewing manuscripts as well as the timing of publication according to seasonal marketing needs and the length and complexity of the manuscript.

All communication must be with the Chair of the Publications Committee or the Executive Director of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society.

Scott Bradley
Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society
425 Donald Street East
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7E 5V1
807- 623-0801
Fax 807-622-6880
Email: [email protected]

Manuscript Preparation

A paper copy and an electronic copy of the manuscript must be submitted in a readable typeface, type size and density, double-spaced with unjustified margins. The manuscript pages will be numbered sequentially and the text should be proofread for grammatical and spelling errors.

These items must be included:

  • an introduction outlining the work’s intent
  • the order of the chapters
  • a conclusion
  • endnotes
  • a bibliography, and
  • any appendices.

Artwork may be presented in rough for assessment purposes. The cost of preparing artwork, maps, and photographs is borne by the author. Permissions are the responsibility of the author.

After approval, the manuscript should be submitted electronically in a mutually acceptable format. Files should be properly named with reference to the title and chapter numbers.

Special Cases

The Press reserves the right to consider special cases for publication such as the manuscript of a deceased author or a manuscript commissioned by the publication committee.

Press Responsibilities


As previously mentioned it is the responsibility of the author to submit a thoroughly proof read manuscript.

The publication committee, along with external readers and the editor, will edit the manuscript for academic content, style and consistency. The manuscript will be checked for organization, presentation of the content, correct syntax and grammar, completeness of citation, consistency in spelling, punctuation and citation etc. The edited manuscript will be returned to the author for revisions and approval before it is printed.

The editor will read proofs, make sure the type has been set correctly, check the make up of the pages, and that previous errors have been corrected. Questions will be discussed with the author, and the editor will act as a liaison between the author and the printer. An index is mandatory and is the responsibility of the author.

Design and Production

Authors will be shown the design before the book is printed and suggestions will be considered. However, as stated in the contract to publish, the Press reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters of design.


The Press will promote the publication in every way it deems appropriate. This may include free media advertising, the production of brochures, library mailings, distribution, and promotion on the TBHMS website and in its newsletter and gift shop.