Join the Thunder Bay Museum as we launch our 2017 Historical Walking Tours. This year, along with the very popular Port Arthur and Fort William Tours that ran previously, we will be adding a new Court St. tour and others throughout the summer. Learn some fascinating aspects of local history; all you have to do is walk.

The tours are approximately 1.5km and should last about 90 minutes. Be sure to dress appropriately. These tours welcome participants of all ages, but some of the content may not be suitable for small children. Parental discretion is advised.

Admission for the tours is $5 per person. For tickets, dates, and more information click the links below or call the Museum at 807-623-0801.

Private tours are also available to interested groups.

Scandal. Justice. Recovery.

Stories of wealth & tragedy from PA’s early suburb

Who was William Leithenen and how did he meet his tragic fate? Why did the Queen place a naval training centre so far from the ocean? Where did some of Port Arthur’s most well-off residents live?

Rivalry. Community. Mystery.

The “wild west” history of Fort William

Who was Bliss Gordon and why was he hung? Was Peter McKellar’s dinosaur the ‘real McCoy’? Why was Mag Matthews arrested 23 times but never incarcerated?

Intrigue. Hidden Tales. Lost History.

The stories behind the stories of downtown Port Arthur

Who was Oliver Prevost and why did he die? Why does the second floor of the Prince Arthur Hotel sometimes smell like cigar smoke? How did the Queen’s Hotel meet its untimely end?