Historic Streetscape


An historic streetscene of early Thunder Bay begins with J.F. Cooke’s Photo Studio, the tobacconist’s shop, the Lyceum Theatre where the silent “flics” like Thunder Bay’s own “A Race for Ties” (1929) play all the time, and Port Arthur’s 1892 streetcar. As you move down the street you’ll walk past a real estate office (circa 1913), an early newspaper press room, and a general store from the 1930s (seen here). Stop to check out Dr. Smellie’s surgery.

Visit the “ham” radio shack, or the salvage/recuiting office which depicts the efforts of the Port Arthur Patriotic Salvage Association between 1939 and 1945. View the latest fashions (circa 1930) in the seamstress shop, or check out the tight curls and stiff perms doled out at the beauty parlour (circa 1928).

Each exhibit is self contained, lit by period lamps, and decorated in the period style.