Labour Pains: Thunder Bay’s Working Class in Canada’s Wheat Boom Era


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Through painful struggles and changing relationships, Thunder Bay’s working class defined itself during the tumultuous years before World War I. Labour Pains looks at many responses to the harshness of industrialism: trade unionism and labour politics, unrest and violence, the Social Gospel and socialism, mediation and conciliation. Alliances and conflict, many ethnicities and various expressions of class consciousness all contributed to the making of the working class whose members and defenders embraced many remarkable individuals, known and unknown.

By: Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison has written on Thunder Bay’s labour history and the local fur trade for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, The Beaver, the Thunder Bay Historical Museum  Society’s Papers & Records and other publications. Her recent works include Lake  Superior to Rainy Lake, Three Centuries of Fur Frade History, and Superior Rendezvous-Place: Fort William in the Canadian Fur Trade.

  • Published by: Thunder Bay Museum Historical Society
  • Pages: 176
  • Binding: Softcover