Ten Generations Then an Artist: The Susan A. Ross Story


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By:James R Stevens

The late Canadian artisit Susan Andrina Ross left art lovers an indelible record of images of the far north of the country; of the boreal forest, the barrens and the ice bound arctic. Her gift to Canada is unparalleled by other, more well known artisit in North America. She arrived with her sketch books, paints, and easel when the nothern regions were in transition. Ancient culture was quickly submitting to the efficient appeal of westernization; gasoline and propane replacing whale and seal oil, snow machines faster then dog teams, prefab buildings trumping igloos and log homes in the boreal forest, herbal remedies forgotten in the face of penicillin. The changes among Inuit and Indigenous families from the Seven River Flowing into the HudsonBay north to Baffin Island were arriving on goverment built runways. It seems remarkable noe that a 48-year old artisit with a husband and four children would begin such a journey into the Aborginal world in Canada. The creative recored that she left of changing northern culture is a gift to us all.