The North West Company in Rebellion


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The North West Company in Rebellion is one of the few sources that provides an insider’s view of the gathering of North West Company shareholders at the company’s annual rendezvous at Fort William. First Published in 1988, it remains widely referenced in academic and non-academic works exploring the North American fur trade, and it continues to be the most complete firsthand account of the events of 1814 and 1815 that would lead seven years later to the Company’s merger with arch-rival the Hudson’s Bay Company.

This (second) edition has not altered the scope and meaning of the original text. Rather it has been updated to accommodate changes in the field since its first publication with additional notes and references. Taking advantage of modern technology and printing, this edition also expands the number of illustrations (courtesy of the collections of the Fort William Historical Park and The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society). These are all changes and additions that Jean herself would have no doubt undertaken.

  • Ed: Jean Morrison, Michel S. Beaulieu, Thorold J. Tronrud
  • Published By: The Thunder Bay Museum Historical Society
  • Date Published: November 2023 (Second Edition)
  • Pages: 112
  • Binding: Softcover

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