Timber Wolves


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Timber Wolves

The manuscript for Timber Wolves was compleated in 1961, but remained unpublished when J.P. Bertrand died in 1964. Despite having been written over 35 years ago, Bertrand’s work remains exceedingly valuable, primarily due to his close association with and in-depth knowledge of his subject. Indeed, references to the manuscript have appeared in almost every study of Ontario’s forest industry written since 1960’s. The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society is pleased to present , for the first time to a general audience, this most important and entering study.

By: J.P Bertrand

J.P. Bertrand came to Northwestern Ontario in 1900 and quickly built a successful career in the timber industry. This book was written in 1961, three years before his death, but has  never been published until now. Bertrand is also author of the best-selling history of the region, Highway of Destiny.


Publisher: Thunder Bay Museum Historical Society