From Thunder Bay through Ypres with the Fighting 52nd


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From Thunder Bay through Ypres with the Fighting 52nd

William Chisholm, ” Billie” Miller meigrated from his native Scotland to Fort William early in the 20th century and worked as a plumber. He enrolled with the 52nd (New Ontario) Battalion in late 1915 and landed in France in Febuary of 1916. He worked as a sc out primarily in the Ypres Sector until August of that year when he was invalided to England. After the war, Millar became the first president of the Fort William branch of the Great War Veterans Association (1919-21) and he ran once (unsuccessfully) for poltical office. He was then appointed Provincial Sanitary Inspector for the district and, by the time of his death in 1934 , had become cheif saintary for the entire Provience. Millar’s book is a highly personal account of the most decorated Canadian battalions of the First World War . His is a first -hand account of the months stalemate following the Seconed Battle of Ypres , a period when Canadian forces, under persistant attack, gained valuable tactical and command experince. With growing for-man , they were at least the equal of any miltary force in the world.

By: Pte. William Chsholm Millar 


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