Guardians of Progress


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Guardians of Progress is a study of the ideas and techniques of those energetic and often colourful boosters – land developers, speculators, real estate promoters, pioneers, journalists, and merchants – who, between 1870 and 1914, made it their business to transform two small settlements on the shores of Lake Superior (Fort William and Port Arthur) into a Canadian version of Chicago. Ultimately they failed, but, in trying, they left an indelible mark on the character of the community they helped to create, the City of Thunder Bay.

By: Thorold J. Tronrud

Dr. Tronrud is the past Executive Director of the Thunder Bay Museum. He has taught courses in British, European, and Canadian history since 1979. He has also taught in the field of Museum Studies and Library Science. Dr. Tronrud has been the editor of the journal Ontario History since 2005 and is also the managing editor for the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society’s journal Papers & Records.

  • Pages:74
  • Published by: Thunder Bay Historical Society
  • Binding: Softcover