Weather Bomb 1913: Life and Death on the Great Lakes by Bruce Kemp


Weather Bomb 1913: Life and Death on the Great Lakes
by Bruce Kemp

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In the dark hours of November 9, 1913, death screamed across the Great Lakes in the guise of a rare white hurricane. The Storm continued to brutalize the region for most of the following week. It left in its wake crippled cities, paralyzed communications, 12 lost freighters, the corpses of more than 250 men and women, and a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. Weather Bomb 1913 is an accurate accounting of the causes and costs of the Storm as told by the few surviving witnesses who had a living memory of the carnage, courtroom testimony and newspaper reports of the day. Now modern ship captains and weather scientists contribute their expertise to help explain and define this horrendous “extra-tropical cyclone” and Bruce Kemp adds his skills as a writer to bring to life one of the most compelling dramas of the tragedy.

Bruce Kemp is an internationally known, award-winning writer and photographer. He has covered everything from fine dining in Europe to the America’s Cup and voyages through the Northwest Passage. He has also been the editor of Travel A La Carte, Sailing Canada and SailOntario. His previous books include: The Complete Travel Writer, the Ports Cruising Guide to Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, the 2006 update to the Ports Cruising Guide to the Rideau Canal, the recent Weather Bomb 1913: Life and Death on the Great Lakes and the novel: The Fugitive’s Son. Bruce taught his craft for more than twenty years starting at Lambton College, George Brown College, Okanagan College and the Centre for Arts and Technology (Okanagan).He is currently working on a documentary project about the history of navigation and is Chief Judge for the Travel Media Association of Canada’s annual national travel photo competition.
  • Pages: 262
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