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By June 18, 2012 October 31st, 2019 Books

The Thunder Bay Museum gift shop specializes in items about Northwestern Ontario. Books such as these and many others are often printed in small quantities and cannot be readily found elsewhere.
At the Gift Shop you’ll find books about ships on the Great Lakes, such as:

Port Arthur Built ($23.95) by Dave Benedet [wp_cart:Port Arthur Built:price:23.95:end],

and Ships of the Paterson Fleet; lighthouses on Lake Superior; biography; photography; pictographs; canoeing; bush flying; art; and mining such as

Yellow Brick Roads to Gold Rock by Hazel Fulford Price: $18.95 [wp_cart: Yellow Brick Roads to Gold Rock by Hazel Fulford:price:18.95:end],

and Goldfields of Northwestern Ontario ($25.80) by Jack Wish [wp_cart:Goldfields of Northwestern Ontario:price:25.80:end],

both seen here. We have a selection of children’s books such as:

Alison Acheson’s Thunder Ice ($6.95) [wp_cart:Alison Acheson’s Thunder Ice:price:6.95:end],

and the best in Northwestern Ontario fiction such as Charlie Wilkin’s Breakfast at the Hoito ($16.95) [wp_cart:Breakfast at the Hoito:price:16.95:end].

For your unique book needs, visit the Museum Gift Shop.