The Museum’s professional Education Department offers a full range of fun and engaging programs for students of every grade and ability level, designed specifically to adhere to the current Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. For more information, choose one of the options below:

Field Trips

Every year thousands of students visit the Museum to learn about their own community’s history and about the lives of their ancestors. Our exhibits and artifacts provide a rich and illuminating historical backdrop that helps students immerse themselves in the past while making connections to what they are learning in the classroom. They leave the Museum with a wider appreciation of the significant role history plays in all of our lives.

Education Kits

For teachers unable to bring their classes to the Museum, we offer newly updated Education Kits on a variety of historical topics. These kits may include artifacts, audio-visual presentations, and activities relevant to the theme.

Online Education Programs

With the effects of the pandemic, and class visits and special guests up in the air, the Thunder Bay Museum is offering programming that can be purchased to use in your classroom.  These programs consist of lessons and activities to enhance and engage students of various grade levels. 

To set up a visit or for more details, contact our Education & Outreach CoordinatorMarissa can be reached by email or by telephone at (807) 623-0801 ext. 16. To receive news and e-mail notifications of upcoming programming, join the Museum’s Educator’s Mailing List by e-mailing the Education & Outreach Coordinator.